Concrete Coatings

Quicker return to service time


Faster turn around times means you'll be back to full service, often within 24 hours of completing your installation.

3X More abrasive resistant

A garage with concrete coatings in Edmonton

Polyaspartic is more abrasive resistant than epoxy meaning your floor will stay looking the like the day it was installed for longer.

Repair damages and protect


Have cracks, delamination, spalling, drainage issues and other repairs fixed prior to coating.

No hot tire pick-up


The days of driving out of your garage and your floor coating coming with you are over!

More UV stable


Polyaspartics are more UV stable than epoxies and less likely to fade or yellow over time.

Cold temp install


Because polyaspartic cures by humidity, not temperature, you can have your coating installed year round.


Polyaspartic Concrete Coatings

Polyaspartic is a aliphatic polyurea that has been applied for many years in residential, commercial and industrial settings because of superior qualities over traditional coatings. It is found in warehouse settings where high abrasive resistance is needed to withstand forklift use. Vehicle oil change bays are using polyaspartic coatings because its impermeable coating will hold up against salt, grease, oil and many chemicals, and is easy to clean. Car dealerships, commercial kitchens, parkades, retail stores, grocery stores, showrooms and of course residential garages... anywhere a high abrasive resistant, non-slip, easy to clean decorative finish is needed. 

Another advantage of polyaspartic is its quick curing rates. Return to service times are often 24 hours of completion with no hot-tire pick up. Light foot traffic within a few hours. And because it cures by humidity, not temperature, this product can be installed year round (as low as -25 degrees celsius). Higher levels of UV protection allows polyaspartic to hold its colours and clarity longer, leaving your floor protected and as aesthetically pleasing as the day it was installed for years to come.​ 

Proper preparation is the key to your floor coatings longevity. No matter what you choose as your finish, all coatings are installed on a thoroughly prepared substrate. Your entire floor will be ground with diamond tooled walk behind grinders to expose the pores of the concrete and to achieve a proper profile to allow proper adhesion of our coating. All our grinders are used in conjunction with HEPA approved vacuum's to ensure dustless operation during install.

Any cracks are ground out, filled and ground smooth. Spalling, delamination, drainage issues or other imperfections can be fixed at this time. More often than not, there is a crack or small gap between your concrete floor and foundation wall. We make sure to seal this with a concrete chalking to ensure water can't leak down under your floor or along your foundation wall. We can then coat the floor and vertical face of the foundation wall making it one complete, sealed membrane. As standard in our application is a clear silica that is added to the final clear coat for anti-slip, unless otherwise specified. 


We offer nine signature blends of chip, but many colours and literally thousands of colour combinations can be made. Call us for colour options regarding flake, quartz, metallics and stains.

Have an idea for custom granulars instead of chip? From recycled glass to crushed walnut shells. Call us about your ideas! 

Have a logo, boarder or pattern in mind? We love any chance to add custom work into our projects.

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Your coating install comes with warranty!

 We stand behind the quality of our workmanship and products and are pleased to offer a 15 year limited warranty